CARS Scoring

CARS is scored on the same scale as every other section and range from 118 to 132. What makes the CAS scores different are the percentile that corresponds to an individual section score. For example, a 125 in chemistry and physics section is 53rd percentile while a 125 in CARS is 60th percentile. Why do I bother mentioning this?

Lower CARS scores correspond to a higher percentile rank basically the CARS section is “less competitive”. This also means that most premedical students are struggling with this section above all of the others. So while a 129 is CP might be an excellent score for that section a 127 or 128 would be an excellent score in CARS.

This trend carries forward to medical school admission MCAT averages too! Generally, the average for the CARS section is one point lower than the corresponding science section scores. As a result we have the opportunity to stand out a bit by having a higher CARS since many medical school applicants will be applying with lower CARS scores.

Only read if you plan on applying to Canadian medical schools:

If you plan on applying to and attending a Canadian medical school you need to make sure you have a solid MCAT score. While not all Canadian schools require sky-high CARS scores many do and will screen your application out if you don’t meet a certain threshold. At a minimum, I recommend a 127, but if want to be able to apply to a wide range of Canadian medical schools you should aim for a 129+ or a 95th percentile on the section. It is a tough cutoff, but Canadian adcoms have decided to anchor on the CARS section of the MCAT.