Trend Summary

All of the periodic trends except for atomic radii increase as we go up and to the right on the periodic table. While atomic radii increases as we go down and to the left. I like to remember these trend by thinking of a beret-wearing, baguet eating T-Rex hanging out in his home country of Francium (Fr). While also thinking about Tiny T-Flexington bringing Helium (He) balloons to his niece’s birthday party.

This visual mnemonic reminds us that the largest atoms are near the bottom left of the periodic table. Additionally, those teeny tiny arms remind us that near the bottom left of the periodic, atoms have the hardest time holding onto their electrons. So they have the smallest ionization energy, electronegativity, and electron affinity. While the smallest atoms with the highest ionization energies, electronegativities, and electron affinities are near the top right, hence Tiny T-Flexington.

Effective Nuclear Charge

Ionization Energy

Electron Affinity


Atomic Radii