Office Hours

5 lessons a week and a max class size of 5 you get expert help so you can succeed. Whether you are looking to break 500 or aiming for a 520.


5 Lessons/Week

MCAT Q-Bank Included

520+ Instructor

How It Works

  • Ask a Question

    Submit a question or ten to the weekly question form or ask a question live in one of the office hours sessions. It could be a question about content, strategy, a specific resource, or how to study in general.

  • Attend Office Hours

    We’ll go through everyone’s questions for the week during office hours. If you can’t make it no big deal all of the sessions are recorded and posted to your learning hub. So long as you submitted your question ahead of the lesson I’ll answer it.

  • Learn Strategies

    In addition to the four office hour sessions there is also an additional strategy session each week. In this session, we will break down an element of MCAT strategy and work on implementing that strategy on practice materials.

Everything You Get

MCAT Q-Bank Included

As long as you are enrolled in office hours you’ll have access to our MCAT Q-Bank which includes both strategy and content modules.

20+ Hours/Month

With small class sizes and five classes per week you get the intensive help you need to succeed. So you can crush your MCAT goals.

Expert Instructor

In the last 5-years of teaching the MCAT I have learned all of the tricks and traps the MCAT has. I’ll make sure you don’t fall for them.



In total there are around 20 one-hour sessions each month. This includes 5 sessions per week: a Chem + Physic office hour, a Bio + Biochem office hour, a Psych + Soc office hour, a CARS strategy session, and a non-CARS strategy session. This means the total cost per session is less than $20.

You can submit your questions ahead of each lesson by filling out our question form. Additionally, you can ask questions during the lesson as well. It is highly encouraged that you fill out the question form prior to the meeting though since those questions are prioritized.

Pretty much any kind. It could be a question about studying for the MCAT in general, a specific content topic, a question about a question, or advice on strategy. If you ask a question that contains a spoiler we will go over the key concept behind the question you asked as well as some look alike problems to avoid giving answers away to other students.

Groups lessons are capped at 5 people max that way we have time to address everyone’s questions. Not everyone will be able to make the session though so often there are less than 5 people present.

All of the lessons are recorded and posted in your learning hub so you can access them later. That way you can still get your questions answered even if you can’t make one of the sessions.

Yes, when you sign up for office hours you will also get access to our MCAT course too. Currently, the course is early access and isn’t completely finished, but new content gets added every week. Lastly, as an office hour’s student you can also suggest what you want me to work on for the course.