The Main Idea Question

Clear MI Questions

Which of the following statements best summarizes the central thesis of the passage?

A For the Impressionists, each sensory occasion required a separate work of art.

B The use of perspective prevents artists from effectively interpreting reality.

C Cézanne tried to solve the problem of interpretation by attempting to view the world objectively.

D Before Cézanne, many periods of art reflected a desire to represent the world “as it really is.”

The central argument of the passage is that the agrarian myth:


‘ has no factual basis in the realities of American agricultural life.

B is a sentimental representation of the role that agriculture played in American life.

C accurately reflects the nature of American agriculture, both in the past and today.

D understates the negative aspects of life on the farm in America.

Sneaky MI Questions

Information in the passage suggests that the author probably believes that the act of interpretation:

A allows the artist to view the world more objectively.

B is an almost unavoidable component of the act of seeing.

C was first popularized by Cézanne.

D became the dominant force in art many years after Cézanne.