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Understanding Enzyme Names

Before you start this question set I want to mention two things.

First, this question set is designed to test your ability to apply the general enzyme naming scheme for metabolism this means you won’t be encountering any exceptions. If you follow the general rules discussed in the video lesson you will get the right answer. We will get to those excepetions later when we discuss specific metabolic processes. 

Second, even if you have already studied metabolism there is high chance you will have never heard of these enzymes or processes before. Don’t panic. You aren’t supposed to know the metabolic pathways I have pulled these enzyme names from. This question set is all about inferring names on the basis of how scientist have decided to classify and name the enzymes of metabolism. Since we aren’t covering exceptions in this question set I didn’t want to pull from metabolic processes that you are expected to know for the MCAT and potentially invite confusion.